Craft of Beauty


BA Contributor

Anna Mårtensson

June Issue

Makeup By

Sara Eriksson

Hair By

Photographed By

Anna Mårtensson


Other Credits

Model: Lina Benitez at Nisch Management http://www.nischmanagement.se/ Retouch: Emma Gripenrot

Reviewed By Michelle Dacillo

Sara Eriksson

Making all the incredible looks by Sara Eriksson


How too: I used tape to get the right V-shape and then I applied supra color using a MAC brusch nr 130. After that a pressed with a flat brush the pigment over the supra color and then gently removed the tape.

Blue Eye

How to: I started by curling the eyelashes and applied a thin layer of mascara. After that I applied the UV-color stick in the crease and under the eye. Then I started to apply the blue pigment by pressing it on top on the color stick and slowly build up the shape that I wanted.

Orange Eye Closeup

How to: I started by applying the lipstick on the whole eyelid on one eye and under on the other eye. Then I used a flat brush to press in the pigment and last I applied the lipstick with my fingers on her lips and filled in the brows with YSL couture brow.

Orange Lip

How to: I used my fingers to apply the lipstick first in a very messy shape and then I asked the model to press her lips together while I pressed on the pigments also using my fingers starting with red and then orange.

Blue Face Lash Mark

How to: I applied the yellow supra color all over the models face and then I used a powder puff to press in the violett pigment on different areas of the face. I had the model laying down on a towel on the floor while I was pressing in the pigment. After that I used I cotton swab to create the shape under the eye by removing some of the pigments.

Multicolor Face

How to: I applied all the cream-products first in the shapes that I wanted and after that I applied the dry products/pigments over to get the dry texture and also intensify every color.

Mix Texture Color Face

How to: I started by applying Laura Mercier lipstick on lips and cheeks as a blush. After that I

covered the entire face with supra color 509. After that I applied different pigments on the face until I was satisfied with the result. I had the model laying down on a towel on the floor the whole time I did the makeup.

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