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Kentato Katsu

October Issue

'How To' by Kentato Katsu

I used the same skin products by Amritara Moisture Water and Face Cream,I wanted to keep the mat skin,so used pore and shine control primer and velvet matte skin tint broad spectrum SPF30 as a whole.

1, Red mascara closeup

I applied a concealer on her eyelashes and then Elegance Cosmetics' Lasting Color Mascara-RD80 on top


2, Red lip and black wiry prop closeup

I applied the Amritara Fruit Energy lip cream on her lips and then lined them using NARS Cosmetics Precision Lip Liner in Holy Red and

lastly, I used NARS Cosmetics Audacious Lipstick in Carmen like a prop


3,Black knit with flower

I cleaned up the lower lip and put on concealer. Using my fingers, I lightly smudge the center of the lower lip to blend it into the top lip for a top to bottom gradient effect

4, Square image red cheek with silver wiry

I cleaned up the red lip and then applied the Tom Ford Cosmetics Lip Color in Bare Peach and put on NARS Cosmetics Blush in Exhibit A around the contour of her face.


5, Only face red lip and red cheek closeup

I kept the red cheek as it is and put on lip cream her lips. Then I topped the lips with a layer of NARS Cosmetics Blush in Exhibit A using a brush to mattify them.


6: Red line look up closeup

I used the NARS Cosmetics Precision Lip Liner in Holy Red then cleaned the outline with a cotton swab.

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