Craft of Beauty

Behind Blue Eyes

BA Contributor

Harriet Hadfield

August Issue

Makeup By

Harriet Hadfield

Hair By

Ashley Lynn Hall

Photographed By

Benjo Arwas


Other Credits

Nails: Denise Bourne, Assistant: Hunter Sloan, Retoucher: Brooke Olesnavage Model Linde Derickx @Photogenics LA

Reviewed By Michelle Dacillo

Harriet Hadfield

How did Harriet created the looks?

Nails: I created the nail look by using 2 coats of the color "Naked" and then with a thin striping brush, I outlined the base of the nail with gold glitter and the free edge with silver glitter.

Hair: Lightly bend hair with a small-medium barrel curling wand and generously spraying hair with Kenra Professional Shine Spray.  Work hair with hands to scrunch, lift and piece out strands of hair to place on glass to create this effect.

Makeup: For the pink look apply the pink from the Makeup Forever Palette to the inside corner of eyes and place loose cream tone glitter to the inside corner of the eye

Apply the mint green cream from the makeup Forever palette to the eyelids and using the white from the same palette paint the lashes top and bottom

Apply the blue shade to the Centre of the lips and allow the product to bleed outwards on contact with the glass

Over the lavender shade over the eyelids, randomly place the gold and silver from the makeup Forever palette from the socket towards the brow. Apply pink shadow to one eye and a blue shade to the other eye from the BH cosmetics eyeshadow Palette, leave the lashes natural.

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