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Michelle Clark
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Anne Nicolajsen
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Talent ALLA GONCHAROVA @ WOMEN / 360 Management |
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Michelle Clark

How Michelle did this?

Story Cover

I added more color to the mixture using MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in High Drama.  This created a deeper plum tone and a more obvious stained look.  I used L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray in her brows to keep them brushed up and strong.


I started out by covering the models face and body with MAC Essential Oil Stick and then sprayed it with MAC Fix +.  I mixed up MAC Gold Metal Pigment and MAC Waterbase Mixing Medium to create a thick paste of color to paint over her nipple

Lip Closeup

I added more MAC Essential Oil stick to the skin.  I mixed MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in So Me with MAC Clear Lipglass to create a honey like texture that I applied in a very thick amount with a MAC 242 Brush.  I painted some on her teeth and let the nature of the product seep into the mouth.

Golden eyes

I kept skin raw, by massaging MAC Essential Oil into it. The lip was reapplied with the second color mixture and deepened in the corners. A fresh layer of gloss was added on top.  I mixed MAC Golden Lemon Pigment, Gold Metal Pigment and MAC Waterbase Mixing Medium to get the molten gold tone for the eye.  It was applied with a MAC 252 Brush.

Black & White

The eye  and skin were left the alone. I blotted the lip color off and reapplied a layer of MAC Clear Lipglass. 

Sad Face

I removed the gold eye and applied an obscene amount of MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara to the lower lashes, with the applicator and with a mascara fan brush.  I then sprayed the lashes with Evian Water Spray and used the fan brush to pull the mascara down under the eye.  Tapping the lashes with a MAC 252 brush to bounce some broken bits onto the skin.  I then applied another coat of mascara and had the model rub her eyes.  The lips were painted with a small eyeliner brush MAC 209, using the Retro Matte High drama and Clear Lipglass mixture to create the lined texture.

Eye closeup

Using a paint brush I saturated it in MAC Cream Liner in Black and let it drip from the lash line down. I had the model squeeze her eye together to help with the movement of the product.  I added MAC Technakohl Liner in Squid to the waterline to deepen the tone.  I used a dry tip to  pull pieces of product away from the skin. 

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