Craft of Beauty

Test Subject

BA Contributor
Benjo Arwas
July Issue
Harriet Hadfield
Ashley Lynn Hall
Benjo Arwas
Other Credits
Model: Sophie Linnewedel
Reviewed By
Harriet Hadfield & Ashley Lynn Hall

How Harriet & Ashley created this look


Milk Makeup Products used: matte bronzer and liquid strobe set, eye pigment in 'hotel lobby' & 'gig', eye vinyl 'nude'. Lip colour in dusty rose. All products by milk makeup: flex concealer & Coverage duo, lip and cheek stick in coral, lip colour in 'new whip' mixed with 'O.G. Red'. Shadow liner in 'Model/DJ' 'working girl' and 'Hustler', Ubame Mascara & eye pigment in 'Mermaid Parade'


Begin with desired hair texture and a center or side parting.  Section hair by parting from crown to behind ear on both sides and section off two front sections.  Work from front to back taking .5" sections and lightly spray with Oribe Superfine Hairspray and backcomb with a teasing brush until you reach the nape of the neck.  Gather hair and Lightly smooth with a teasing brush.  Twist hair and pin into a French twist and secure with hair pins.  Shape bouffant with teasing comb and release the front two sections.  Taking diagonal sections working from bottom to top lightly spray each section with Oribe Superfine Hairspray and backcomb.  Smooth and work sections into bouffant while shaping fringe to finish.

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