Craft of Beauty

Something Is In Lines

BA Contributor
Fernando Gomez
December Issue
Alexandra Fragga
Fernando Gomez
Other Credits
Model: Anja Winkelmann Manicurist: Rosa Matilla
Reviewed By
Alexandra Fragga

'How To' by Alexandra Fragga

Photos 1 to 3 - For the lips I used Pat McGrath Luxetrance in Lavish. Then I did the profile of the lip using the black dual ended marker , with the thin part of it. For the eyes just Marc Jacobs Mascara and just a tiny bit of Armani Maestro Glow to avoid covering the freckles.

Photos 4 & 5 - On the lips Pat McGrath Labs Gold 001, I created a line outside the lips. I then applied Full Panic ( Bright Fuchsia) over it , creating a veil of opaque color .

Photos 6 & 7 - Marc Jacobs Mascara on both the bottom and top lashes. I finished off by gently tapping the Full Panic Matte Trance on the lips .

Photo 8 -  I applied the Obsessed MatteTrance in Bright Orange, by tapping it on the lips and creating a shape. I made the profile with the thin part of the Black Dual Ended Eyeliner . Photos 9 & 10 - I’ve mixed pure honey with Gold 001 to create a sticky texture for the teeth . Then I applied Antidote MatteTrance in Magenta Violet messily on the lips .

Photos 11 & 12 - Marc Jacobs Mascara on the eyes and just a tiny bit of Armani Maestro Glow Foundation. For the lips I used Full Panic from Pat McGrath Labs . 

Photos 13 & 14 - I applied the Pat McGrath Labs by 1995 Warm Light Nude on the lips in tapping motions to create a matte veil. .

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