Craft of Beauty

Sand & Dust

BA Contributor
Stéphanie Jacquet
Nick Norman
August Issue
Stéphanie Jacquet
Maria Ivan
Nick Norman
Gwendoline Franco
Other Credits
Model: Olga Appoline Rozhdestvenska @ Metropolitan, Retouching: Elmira Alieva, Photo assistant: Marion Guilleminot, Make up assistant: Chloé Paccard
Reviewed By
Stéphanie Jacquet

Dress: Gaëlle Coz All jewels: Clara Jasmine

How to create these looks by Stéphanie Jacquet

The dryness of the desert is the narrative thread for this story. The transparency of the make up work reveals a skin impregnated with sun for a lively effect.
The pigment is used instinctively as a raw accessory. It reminds the warm colors from the desert and its uncontrollable materials.
The delicate and pigmented textures of the NARS products allow to create a sun appearance. Materials are flexible, like worked effortlessly
The pigments come from 100% natural raw materials like “yellow ochre” and “blue oxide”.

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