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Purple Feelings

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Charli Avery
Charli Avery
Ioannis Koussertari
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Model: Candice Blackburn
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Charli Avery

'How To' by Charli Avery

Look 1

To freshen the skin, I used Bioderma Micellar Water. Then I applied Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream to hydrate and prep the skin. After applying the base, I applied highlighter on the high points of her face and around her mouth. To contour the cheekbones, I used the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze. For the eyes, I applied the OCC Pigment in Magenta in the eye crease.

Look 2

To get the splattered look, I applied the same magenta pigment on the eyes, using a brush and flicking motions.

Look 3

For this look I used OCC and Stargazer pigments and a MAC Lipstick.

Look 4

I used Trophy Wife by Fenty in the inner corners of the eye and OCC pigment around the edges.

Look 5

Same steps as look 4, but with a swipe of OCC pigment in Magenta in the eye crease.

I also used the OCC pigment in Magenta for the smudged purple look.

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