Craft of Beauty

Plastic Face

BA Contributor
Michel Widenius
December Issue
Martin Sundqvist
Michel Widenius
Other Credits
Model: Felicia Svanberg
Reviewed By
Martin Sundqvist

'How To' by Martin Sundqvist

I wanted to play with the idea of how makeup ”has" to be applied. I kept the models face pretty natural and a bit luminous, then I used diffrent plastic materials in front of the face and painted on or under them. On one picture I drew a line portrait of the model on a hard peice of plastic. On two pictures I used bold brush strokes on pastic covering the face to imitate conventional makeup. On one picture I made the model kiss a sheet of plastic and play with the kiss stain. On the last picture I wanted to keep the playful feeling and decided to draw the blush in a swirl on each cheek.

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