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a night out

BA Contributor
Grace Ellington
May / June Issue
Grace Ellington
Dan Tocquer
Yavez Anthonio
Other Credits
Melanie and Olga @ MandP
Reviewed By
Grace Ellington

This is how Grace Ellington Created the Night Out

For this story we played around with ideas of trashy glam and referenced 00s beauty. our girls

Olga and Melanie both have lots of personality and the makeup has a slightly DIY feel as if they are getting themselves ready for a night out. Each look started with a natural skin finish and played with one element that caught the light, a glittery lid, a glossy mouth. I used MAC face and body foundation then strategically placed studio finish concealer on both models to perfect their skin whilst retaining a natural texture. For the glitter lid look I started with a pink cream eyeshadow by 3ina and topped with glitter mixed with MAC's waterbased mixing medium. Olga's high shine lip is MAC's lipdazzle in Sugarrimmed which is the perfect pale candy tone with lots of light reflecting sparkle. Olga also wears a cat eye which was created using a false lash by Kryolan. The lash, named Stargirl S5, creates its own wing shape. I then used a black shadow on a liner brush to connect around her lash line. There is something at once glamorous and naive about this sort of imprecise cat shape. This naïveté is seen also in Melanie's star shaped glitter look which is simply sprinkled above each mobile lid and worn with very little else. Throughout the story the brows were kept natural with only a clear brow gel to keep them in place. I think keeping the brows untouched keeps things modern and cool.

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