Craft of Beauty


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Grace Ellington
June Issue
Grace Ellington
Grace Ellington
Nick Fitzpatrick
Other Credits
Model - Lauren Scott @ Body London.
Reviewed By
Grace Ellington

Grace Ellington's Making this look

This story "Shipwrecked" started with a glowing and unearthly skin tone which was created by using a small buffing brush to press colour from the RCMA foundation palette and the Kryolan colouring vision palette into the skin varying the shades used throughout the hollows and structure of the face. This is a process similar to contour but less logical. Before starting the skin I also used Jolen cream bleach to lighten Lauren's eyebrows a few shades, this softened and opened her face as well as removing her brows as a graphic element, meaning I could play with embellishment along her brow bone more freely. Lauren's whole skin was illuminated with Kryolan's shimmering event foundation in silver and then I layered this with Mac's skinfinish in Lightscapade. The embellishment on Lauren's skin was inspired by natural formations especially barnacles and was rendered using gold leaf, sticky pearls and tapicoa bubbles. We wanted to play with an attractive material in a way that echoed something unattractive, that could even trigger a disgust reaction

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