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Michelle Rickardsson
July Issue
Evelina Andersson
Evelina Andersson
Michelle Rickardsson
Amanda Ljungkvist
Other Credits
Model : William With agency MIKAs Ring: Frans Nädele
Reviewed By
Evelina Andersson

Clothing: J.Lindeberg


Bracelet: All Blues, Ring: Frans Nädele

How did Evelina created this look

For this look I focused on a healthy looking skin with a lot of glow. I wanted to enhance the natural freckles in the skin, therefore the skincare products was important for the look. I started the grooming makeup with a facial massage with a mix with Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream + Smashbox Photo Finish Primer oil, to nourish and moisturize the skin and Dermaceutic, Panthenol Ceutic for the lips. 

For an extra glow to the skin a applied the amazing primer,  UV master Primer Spf 40 from Giorgio Armani before the foundation and Concealer. To not hide the beautiful freckles but still correct the skin tone I used a thin layer of Armani Luminous silk foundation over the entire face, and Helena Rubenstein Magic Concealer under the eyes.For an extra glow I used Isadora Strobing Fluid Highlighter (Warm Glow) on the cheek bones and inner corner of the eyesThe model have a natural curly hair that I wanted to enhance for this photoshoot. 

The hair was blow dried with Moisture Grooming cream from Lernberger Stafsing to give the hair moisture and light texture, to add extra texture and shape to the curls I added Salt spray from Lernberger stafsing and finished with Gloss Spray, also from Lernberger stafsing for extra final shine.

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