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Steven Popovich
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@hellybou Wearing in story cover: Casea, Beaded Long-sleeve Top http://www.caseathelabel.com
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Morgan and Taylor, headpiece https://www.morganandtaylor.com.au Cue, white shirt https://www.cue.cc Casea, Pony Hair Vest http://www.caseathelabel.com

Mimco, earrings https://www.mimco.com.au Asilio, dress https://asilio.com.au Unreal Fur, jacket https://unrealfur.com.au

Scotch & Soda, men’s shirt http://www.nicolafinetti.com

Nicola Finetti, Dress http://www.nicolafinetti.com Milk & Honey, top http://www.milkandhoneywear.com Balyck, earrings http://www.balyck.com

Scotch & Soda, trench http://www.nicolafinetti.com

Casea, Floral Graffiti Jacket http://www.caseathelabel.com Casea, Red Tassel Earring http://www.caseathelabel.com

Shot 1

Prep skin with Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Cream. Buff in the white Chromacake on the face to give the illusion of a doll, without blending it to the neck.

Then curl eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara. Add a bit of green face paint to highlight the brow bone and fill the eyebrows with a pencil. For the lips, use a matte NARS lip pencil mixed with a MAC lip pencil (matte), topping it off with the MAC Fire Engine Red lipstick.

Shot 2

Prep skin with jojoba oil. Buff in the white Chromacake and splatter paint by blowing through a straw while the model is on her back, allowing the paint to run. Use a mauve eyeliner to accentuate jawbone. Then apply some mascara and a white MAC paint stick on the eyebrows. Line lips with a black eyeliner, topping it off with a black lipstick.

Shot 3

Apply a couple of drops of oil to the previous base and smudge together. Coat lashes with a black mascara, and add an aqua blue creme color on the inner eye to make eyes pop. White out eyebrows and redraw into a more oval shape to open face up. Apply blush to the apple of the cheeks to make them nice and rosy. Smudge black eyeliner and black creme color on lips to finish off.

Shot 4

Work the white Chromacake onto the skin. After applying black liquid eyeliner, use glitter and press it into a star shape. Stick some star stickers around to accentuate the make up as a mask, leaving the other eye bare with just mascara and filled in brows. Line lips with a red lip pencil, swipe some gloss and press red glitter in for more shine and sparkle.

Shot 5

Mix in some oil into the Chromacake to bring back the natural skin texture. Brush the eyebrows into a natural shape and use a pencil to add a bit of definition.

Apply a mauve pencil on the eyelid, blend it out to leave it with a powder finish. Smudge a mauve pencil all over lip, blending it enough for the skin to show.

Shot 6

Apply the Chromacake and coat eyebrows with an eyebrow gel. Then apply a silver highlighter on the brow and temples. Apply some pink blush on the cheekbones to give the effect of being hot from dancing.

Shot 7

Smudge in some white paint using fingers. Apply a layer thin enough for the skin to show.

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