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Katie Angus
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'How To' by Katie Angus

1. Steamy skin achieved with lengthy prep and massage.

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer pouches applied then followed up with a Bioderma cleanse. Embroyolisse and MAC Lightful C Marine Bright massaged for as long as possible. MAC Lip Scrub applied and removed before a Lanolips Prep. MAC Face and Body applied with finger tips and brows filled in lightly where required with MAC Eye Brows - Lingering.


2. As above with addition of buffed out cheek and stained lip. Cheek created from a blend of MAC Cream Colour shades and applied with fingers to push into skin and maintain the desired luminous effect of the skin.


3. Application of blurred lip. Using a large shadow buff apply from the centre out to just beyond the lip line. MAC Lipglass was then applied to the centre points only to create a sense of depth.


4. Red Eye using a selection of MAC Cream Blush shades and topped with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. No Mascara throughout.

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