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Sarah Damichi
July Issue
Sarah Damichi
Sarah Damichi
Norbert Kniat
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Model: Darya Smirnova
Reviewed By
Sarah Damichi

How did Sarah create this look?

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How to; To get the desired rusty orange, I applied the colour Hashtag from the Violet Voss Pro palette on the eyelid and just below the lower lash line. I then applied the Eight Hour Cream on top of the eyeshadow to give it a high shine glossy look. I finished the eyes with Christian Louboutin Mascara in the shade burgundy Sevillana and placed the individual diamonds on both middle bottom lash lines. For the skin I applied Egyptian Magic cream to give healthy shine and for the lips, Eight hour cream.

Image 2 

How To; Starting with the eyes, I applied the coloured circles from the outer edge of the eyes to the inner edge using the Makeup For Ever 12 Flash Case in the colours ink blue, baby blue, orange, yellow, green and red. I used a combination of my fingers and brushes to obtain the shapes.  I applied Egyptian Magic all over the skin to give a healthy glow. Our model had beautiful skin and I wanted the freckles to show as much as possible so no foundation was needed, just a little concealer to hide a few imperfections and redness.

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