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Toni Malt
Celia Ukwenya
August Issue
Toni Malt
DF Gabriel
Celia-Jane Ukwenya
Other Credits
Model Aricia @MMG Models Dubai Retouched by Irene Velweiss @Things By People
Reviewed By
Toni Malt

Jacket by Elisabetha Franchi

Jacket by Marques Almeida from Shopbop.com Boots by Giuseppe Zanotti

Left: Top by Jacquemus from Shopbop.com Trousers by Elizabeth & James Right: Coat by Elisabetta Franchi

Top by Monse from Shopbop.com Trousers by Derek Lam 10 Crosby from Shopbop.com Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Top by Jacquemus from Shopbop.com

Left: Suit by Elisabetta Franchi Right: Dress by Elisabetta Franchi

Top by Marques Almeida from Shopbop.com

How did Toni create this look?

It’s no secret that I love glitter! If used in the right way I find it such an edgy and organic as well as totally uncontrollable product to use. You never quite know how it's going to photograph; there is always an element of surprise and that’s why I love it! Similar to a Christmas gift, you are not quite sure what you are going to get.


Skin Prep is key to achieving this healthy glowing complexion. Here, I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Charlottes Magic Cream in combination with her Magic Eye Rescue, which are products I swear by.


I applied MAC Face & Body N5 with my hands. Using my hands is something that I seem to do more and more over the last couple of years, I recently feel it delivers a more organic finish to makeup; be it eyeshadow, blush, highlights, foundation or lips.


The first look was a clean face with some asymmetrical placed highlights on the eyes. I used Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Electrum Antique Gold applied and with my fingers. A little Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow 5 perfected her brows. Where there are holes in the eyebrow I press the product ever so slightly against the skin to even out the shape.


For the glitter eyes, I used a mixture of glitters. I used Kryolan Multi Gel to adhere Make Up For Ever’s Extra Large Glitters in Iridescent asymmetrically around the eyes and filled a few random holes with MAC Glitter Silver to add more depth and texture to the design. I always feel that asymmetrical placement as an addition to an otherwise very polished makeup adds some cool and unexpectedness. It's also more organic and believable, which is why I tend to be drawn to asymmetry.

For the almost full face glitter makeup, I used the same products as before, extending them onto the forehead and a little further down the cheeks on one side.

In both cases, the eyes were left bare, but tight-lined with a little bit of Pat McGraths Black Caviar Gel Liner inside the upper and lower waterline. I find that glitter often only looks cool if the rest of the makeup is pared back.


I used CHANEL Calligraphie de Chanel 65 Hyperblack to draw both the large black eyeliner and the black rimmed lips. I absolutely love this product. Easy to apply, doesn’t smudge once dried and lasts for ever. The black lined lip was a total afterthought, not planned at all. But Mann started shooting close-ups of the lip and I felt something was missing, so quickly grabbed what was near me and added the black lines on set. So happy with the result, especially seeing that the image was placed next to the knee high boots that have a similar black seam.

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